Profitably sustainable: AMPEERS ENERGY, Fraunhofer and Vonovia bring the energy turnaround to the district!

The start-up AMPEERS ENERGY is piloting the optimized charging of electric vehicles in the neighborhood context in the ODH@Bochum-Weitmar project sponsored by the state of NRW. With the innovative, cloud-based software solution from AMPEERS ENERGY, mobility requirements can be intelligently combined with local renewable energy generation. In an earlier project it could already be shown that the operating costs of a fleet vehicle with 15,000 km mileage can be reduced by 750 euros per year – e-mobility becomes economical!

3 min. reading time

3 min. reading time

by Dr. Karsten Schmidt, author
Published on 17.01.2020

by Dr. Karsten Schmidt, author
Published on 17.01.2020


Pilot testing of innovative decentralised energy concepts - funded by the State of NRW

In the real estate and mobility sector in particular, the potential of energy system transformation must be exploited as quickly as possible. With this goal in mind, the start-up AMPEERS ENERGY, the housing company Vonovia and the research institutes of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (UMSICHT, FIT and IOSB) have launched the ODH@Bochum-Weitmar project. In the project, which is supported by the state of NRW with 6.2 million euros, innovative business models are to be tested over the next three years, which use locally generated renewable energy as efficiently as possible and combine the sectors of electricity, heat and mobility in the neighbourhood.

AMPEERS ENERGY has set itself the goal of supporting the real estate industry in the realization of sustainably profitable, decentralized business models in new construction as well as in classic existing housing estates. To this end, our company provides easy-to-integrate, cloud-based software solutions that provide end-to-end support for the energy industry challenges of a housing company,“ explains Dr. Karsten Schmidt, founder and managing director of AMPEERS ENERGY.

Customers benefit from new service offerings

To ensure that locally and sustainably generated energy can be used as efficiently as possible, the electricity, heating and mobility sectors in the neighbourhood are linked together. The overall aim is to create a networked, decentralized supply system that will enable a partially self-sufficient supply of electricity and heat in the neighborhood. „Of course, the main aim is to save energy or use it sensibly, to uncover savings potential and to protect the environment,“ says Tobias Hofmann of Vonovia SE.

In the future, an intelligent, self-learning energy management system will ensure that the right energy is available at the right time and in the right place in the Bochum-Weitmar quarter – at electric charging points, as household electricity for the quarter’s residents or in the form of heat.

A major focus of the R&D project is the electrical integration of charging for e-vehicles of different uses (car sharing, craftsmen’s fleet, etc.). In this context AMPEERS ENERGY will demonstrate the AI-based optimization capability of fleet vehicles with its „AE Fleet Optimizer“. The goal: an economically advantageous operation of e-mobility compared to fossil-fuelled vehicles as a result of optimized neighbourhood integration and intelligent charge control.

AMPEERS ENERGY is a provider of SaaS solutions for enabling decentralized business models

AMPEERS ENERGY is a partner of the energy and real estate industry as well as fleet operators on the way to sustainably profitable, decentralized business models. Until now, offers relating to residential areas and electromobility have only been economical in certain areas. AMPEERS ENERGY is changing this together with partners in these sectors! With the available cloud-based software solutions, the entry into tenant electricity, neighborhood energy management and electromobility is easy and profitable.

As a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the start-up has access to the latest technologies, which are made available to the energy and real estate industry and fleet operators by a team with many years of experience in the energy industry and agile software developers.

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